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domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

Mais um Acidente Onshore Com Mortes - Meu Deus!!!

January 26th, 2012
Minagesh, West Kuwait
Upon the completion of contract & de-hiring, a drilling rig was being moved from KOC field to the contractor Yard. The rig was being towed by the rig move sub contractor & was steered by the night duty rig mechanic.
 The rig pick-up vehicle driven by roustabout along with the Toolpusher was trying to overtake the rig. The pick-up drove outside the normal road though the elevated loose sand to overtake the rig. The incident happened at a curved portion of the road where the rig tires were at the extreme end of the road on the pavement.
 It appears that the pick-up tire got stuck in the loose sand. At this point the rear rig tire passed over the pick-up. The roustabout & the Toolpusher died immediately

 Preliminary Findings:
  • The pick-up vehicle was trying to overtake the rig through loose sand area.
  • The right side tires of rig went off center of the road towards the extreme right in to the loose sand area of pavement. Inadequate communication between the rig move pusher who was escorting the rig, Tool pusher travelling in pick-up on back side & the mechanic who was in the rig steering control (the mechanic cannot see the right side tire positions as the elevated steering platform is on extreme left just below the substructure.
Company Recommended Preliminary Corrective Actions:
  • The other rig vehicles travelling along with the rig during rig move to keep a safe distance from the rig while overtaking.
  • The rig vehicles overtaking rig shall do so after the communicating with the rig move truck pusher & the rig steering personnel for ensuring adequate space availability for overtaking
  • The position of the rig tires to be monitored by the front & back side escort vehicle personnel for any corrections
  • Walkie talkie sets / official mobile phones to be provided to the contractor & sub-contractor personnel involved in rig move for Proper communication during rig move
  • The passenger vehicles to be driven through proper rig roads
  • The designated rig drivers to drive the rig pick-ups instead of other non-designated rig crew
  • Rig Move procedures as per Contractor Management system to be evaluated for identification of gaps & further compliance
  • Identify gaps in the Behavioral Safety programs to identify & correct the unsafe behaviors, for those involved in the rig move process including contractor & sub-contractor

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